50 Things For Couples To Do At Home When Bored

Things For Couples To Do At Home

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Bored at home with your significant other? Then this is the post for you. I’ll be sharing 50 things for couples to do at home when you are bored.

Whether you’re stuck at home due to what’s going on in the world, or just find yourself bored over weekends with nothing to do, I will be letting you in on 50 activities you and your partner could engage in to alleviate yourselves from the shackles of boredom! Needless to say, these activities will also improve the romance between the two of you (wink).

Let’s get started right away!


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1. Picnic 

When you read the word ‘picnic’ above, you probably wondered, but where? 

Well, this particular picnic will be at home (lol duh). Prepare some sandwiches or cakes and enjoy a picnic with your partner in your garden, on your porch or even the living room floor.

2. Party In The Living Room 

If not a picnic, then you can actually host a private party with your partner right in the living room. I won’t suggest how best you should do it. As long as it’s fun, then it’s perfect. 

3. Dance With Your Partner 

If you’re really not familiar with the party thing, then you can simply listen to great music and dance to the tune with your partner. 

Dancing has actually proven to be a good way through which partners reconnect their bodies and souls, both physically and emotionally. 

4. Learn Something New With Your Spouse 

Learning something new together will help both of you grow together. 

You can start by learning a new language with your partner. It’s a healthy interaction that will definitely keep both of you busy at home. 

5. Play Board Games Together 

You’re only bored because you’ve not done anything as interesting as playing board games. It will bring some sort of healthy competition between the two of you. Hence, you’ll shake off that idleness in your home.

Some board games you two can play together are; 

  • Monopoly Socialism Parody game 
  • Yahtzee 
  • Double Ditto 
  • Throw Throw Burrito 
  • Jenga, etc. 

6. Play Naughty Games 

It’s actually cool to get naughty with your partner at times. By doing that, you’ll share more intimacy and consequently, you’ll get to know each other better!

Try out some of these naughty games for couples:

  • Sweaty mess 
  • Would You Rather? 
  • Our Moments 
  • Don’t You know me? 
  • Intimacy Deck, etc. 


Things For Couples To Do At Home


7. Watch Comedies Together

Cracking your ribs is simply a great way to brighten your day!

8. Watch Movies Together 

One of the best ways to get yourself out of boredom even when you are alone is by watching movies. However, doing it with your spouse will even be better. 

9. Follow A Particular TV Program

This is also a cute way to learn together and feel entertained at the same time.

You can do this each time over a bowl of popcorn. 

10. Thoroughly Clean Your Home 

At times, you’re only bored because your home is a mess. Yep, believe it or not. 

Unfortunately, you might not really notice the cause of that boredom. Just get your house thoroughly cleaned. Doing this activity TOGETHER will benefit you and your partner in many ways.

First, it will keep both of you busy thereby eliminating idleness and boredom. Secondly, it is a healthy way of life to adopt because you will feel happier in a clean environment. 

Lastly, it will build the spirit of TEAM-WORK between both of you. In a nutshell, cleaning the home with your partner is a good way to build a connection. 

11. Re-organize Your Home 

Keeping the home in order is one thing couples should always do at home when bored. 

Some of the ideal ways to reorganize your house and keep it in order are:

  • Declutter 
  • Rearrange your shelves
  • Rearrange your furniture
  • Arrange your kitchen
  • Arrange your library, etc. 

Do you want to be less bored? Then rearrange your home!

12. Create Good Memories 

You don’t have to struggle to create those memories. All you have to do is ensure you have a picture of any pleasant experience with your partner.

Find a board where you can pin those pictures… Or better still, fix them in an album. Remembering those amazing moments will go a long way to kill the boredom in your home.

13. Create A Video Collage Of Your Photos 

Another good idea if you really don’t like the album thing is to create a video collage of your favourite pictures with your spouse.

14. Create A List For Your Plans 

It’s not just a list, but a bucket list of your plans for the rest of the year!

Where would you enjoy visiting with your partner, and when? What activities would you like to embark on? Get a notebook and write those plans down. It’s the perfect way to get busy with your partner when you’re bored. 

15. Plan Ahead Together 

Truly, nothing can be more engaging than sitting with your partner and planning your future together. 

Make it a plan for the next 5 years. 

List out the goals you would love to achieve together and create certain strategies to help you achieve the goals jointly. 

16. Cook Together! 

If you’re more concerned about things for couples to do at home when bored without going overboard then consider cooking.

Spending time in the kitchen (and cooking something delicious) with your partner is surely going to be a beautiful experience (just make sure you two don’t get distracted and let the food burn!).

17. Video-Call Your Family And Friends 

Instead of sitting at home and feeling bored together, why not get busy with some video-calls? 

It will be sweet to extend some love to your family and friends anyway.


Things For Couples To Do At Home When Bored


18. Manage Your Finances Together 

You and your partner can actually get busy at home by checking your finances and creating a budget together.

19. Paint Yourselves 

This one is really going to be fun if you would just try it out! You and your partner can use any sit-at-home period to paint each other’s bodies. 

To make this more fun, you can also blindfold yourselves while painting. Then open your eyes and marvel at your amazing artwork (or lack thereof).

20. Share A Romantic Dinner 

I’m sure you’re familiar with the typical Hollywood dinner date…

Well, you can replicate that romance with your boo at home! 

21. Play The Puzzle Game 

Besides fighting boredom, playing puzzle games is a great way to get your brains active.

22. Build A Fort Together 

Remember how you did this with your friends when you were a kid? 

You can do the same with your partner. And no, it’s not childish…much.

23. Massage Your Partner 

In case you already have kids, you can take your spouse to the inner room and give them a soothing massage… 

What a great way to get busy! 

24. Play Strip Poker Together 

Need I say more?

25. Talk 

It might sound simple, but it’s really important that you use your period of boredom to communicate with your partner.

It won’t only make both of you happy, it will also build the relationship positively.

26. Read Together 

Reading is one of the easiest things for couples to do at home when they’re not so busy.  

As a matter of fact, there is this feeling of connectedness that comes with reading the same book with your partner. 

27. Listen To Audio Books Together 

In case reading gets boring, another alternative is to listen to interesting audiobooks with your partner.

28. Learn A New Skill Online 

Stuck at home with your partner? (Okay…that sounds sad.) 

No problem, you can still learn something new. All you have to do is sign up on one of the numerous skill acquisition sites on the world wide web.

29. Work-Out With Your Partner 

This is another cute thing for couples to do at home (think TikTok videos).

Instead of sitting idle and adding some pounds, why not get busy with your physical development?

30. Bath Together 

This is pretty cool especially after working out together. Relaxing in a bathtub having a warm bath is great for couples!

31. Share Your Dreams 

Has it been long since you discussed your dreams with your hubby or wifey? Well, you need to do that again! 

32. Discuss Starting A New Business 

It would also be great if you used the opportunity at home to talk about a new business with your partner. What business are you planning to embark on? With whom do you intend to do the business? How would you love to run such a business? 

Such discussions will spark an insightful moment.

33. Make Pancakes 

Pancakes, oh, beautiful pancakes. It’s just a lovely tradition to maintain; making pancakes with your partner. You should try it!

34. Or Ice Cream 

If not pancakes, then you can make ice cream with your partner. Fortunately, there are various flavours for you to choose from… Homemade ice cream is amazing! 

35. Pizza 

Still on the numerous things for couples to do at home (I hope you’re still with me), why not try out homemade pizza? 

I’m sure you often go out on pizza dates with your partner. However, on a boring day, it will be absolutely perfect if you get the recipe and try preparing one at home! 

36. Movie Day 

Are you stuck at home? That’s not a problem! You could simply make it a movie day with your partner. Movie nights are for 2019, now you can make the whole day a movie stream.

Comedy movies will make you laugh into each other’s arms! Horror movies are also fun for couples…if you know what I mean. 

37. A Day Off The Screens 

Okay so hold up; most of us are too dependent on digital technology. At some point, you might get bored watching TV or being on your phone all day. 

Now, you can decide to do something different. Challenge yourselves by spending a day off the screens for once. 

Besides the fun, it will be a good opportunity to reconnect with your partner! 

38. Watch TED Talks Together 

There are several TED talks you might have yearned to watch but never had the time for. Why not use this opportunity to watch them with your partner?

39. Practice Yoga Together 

Yoga is an awesome activity for couples to do at home!

It’s a fascinating exercise to practice with your partner. As a matter of fact, yoga builds both your physical and mental strength. 

40. Cook Foreign Dishes 

This is one new experience that will keep you busy at home all day. Try it out and thank me later. 

41. Play A Trivia Game Together 

There are many of these games out there. Get one for you and your partner and keep yourselves busy with it. 

42. Video Games 

Video games are great for bringing the fun to an otherwise boring day. 

43. Practice Your Love Languages 

You can’t get enough of understanding your partner. Use this time to brush up on each other’s love languages.

44. Write a Love Letter To Each Other 

Many couples don’t ever think in this direction. Writing love letters to yourselves is such a romantic way to get busy at home! 

45. …Or Maybe Poems 

You can also add love poems to those love letters! 

46. Grow A New Garden At Home 

Starting a garden with your partner won’t be a bad idea… Right? 

47. Research For New Knowledge 

Acquiring knowledge is not just powerful, it’s fun too. You can surf the Internet with your partner and gather new knowledge. 

By doing this, you’ll grow together.

48. Create A Music Playlist Together 

Relax and listen to some heart-bonding melodies together. 

49. Do Some Home Repairs Together 

It’s an amazing sight to behold; seeing couples who fix their damaged furniture or appliances together. 

50. Record A Video With Your Partner 

Featuring yourselves in a romantic video is a good way to create lovely memories. Years later, you’ll be glad you recorded those videos with your partner.


Final thoughts

And there you have it folks! The tips above are not exhaustive, but they will go a long way to eliminate the boredom that may be growing between you and your partner. Try them out one after another. I’m sure the next 50 days are going to be fun!


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Things For Couples To Do At Home


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