50+ Romantic Ways To Make Your Partner Feel Loved

Make your partner feel loved

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Romance is indeed very important in every relationship. It is the fuel that keeps a relationship going and should never be neglected. As is showing your partner how much you love and care for them. Today we’ll look at different ways to make your partner feel loved, appreciated and respected.

Most of us…sorry I mean, all of us, want to feel loved and appreciated by our partner (because… human nature?). Now, showing romantic gestures is a very effective way to make your partner feel loved, appreciated, respected and cared for.

This tells your partner that while they chose to be with you, you also want to be with them in return.

Romance tends to bloom at the beginning of most marriages and relationships, but along the line, it begins to die out. And sometimes,  if care is not taken, the relationship or marriage can die with it.

Therefore, it is very important that couples come up with different romantic ways to make each other feel loved and appreciated.

However, how each person perceives romance differs based on their personality. But being romantic simply means showing behaviours or taking actions to show your partner the love or affection you have for them. It also involves knowing what your partner wants and doing your best to satisfy those wants.

Also, couples must learn that no one was naturally born to be romantic. Just like any other habit, romance is learned.

Make Your Partner Feel Loved

Being romantic to your partner doesn’t necessarily have to involve exhibiting a grand action or gesture (like buying them a private jet). What matters the most are the thoughtful little things that you do to make your partner feel loved and cherished.

The bottom line is that as individuals we all have our love languages, which is why you must learn your partner’s love language and learn how to speak it to them.

In this article, we will be looking at 50+ romantic ways to make your partner feel loved and appreciated (they’re just so many!). By adopting these romantic ways and putting them in constant practice, not only will your partner feel loved and appreciated, but your romantic life will be rekindled and flourish better. Let’s dive right in!

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Words of Assurance

If your partner cherishes being told how much you love him or her and other words of assurance, then you could;

1. Send random romantic emails or text messages to them while they are at work.

2. Place love notes in random places where he or she is sure to find it. For example, in their lunch bag, wallet, laptop, car, pocket, etc.

3. Call your partner randomly and let him or her know you are thinking of them.

4. Write a list of all the things you love about your partner and read it to them or put it in a frame and give it to them.

5. If you don’t live together, call them when you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed at night, telling him or her “I love you” or heck, recite a love poem.

6. Give your partner compliments on their physical look or items they purchase. Let them know that you find them attractive and that they have good taste.

7. Tell your partner encouraging words when they are going through difficult times. Don’t add to their problems by lamenting or blaming them for the problem at hand.

8. Always say thank you and acknowledge what your partner does for you or the house. No matter how little the act may be, show appreciation.

9. Apologize for your mistakes as soon as you realize that you are at fault and don’t trade blames or justify your actions.

10. On a special occasion, buy your partner a card and write what you love about them and how much you love them in it.

11. Tell your partner that you are proud of them.

12. Learn your partner’s love language and speak it.

13. Tell your partner about your goals and ask them about theirs too.

14. If you notice that something is bothering your partner, ask them about it and offer your help where necessary

15. When your partner makes a mistake, correct them with love. Don’t nag at them.

16. Don’t hesitate to communicate how you feel to your partner. Remember that they cannot read your mind.

17. Find a pet name for your partner and call him or her by it.


Romantic Ways To Make Your Partner Feel Loved And Appreciated



If you know that action speaks louder than a voice for your partner then you should focus on doing rather than just saying. If they also cherish both action and words, then you could;

18. Always be on your partner’s side, support his or her views especially in public. Even if you don’t agree, keep quiet rather than starting an argument.

19. Stock the house with his or her favourite drink or snack.

20. Cook your partner’s favourite meal and eat it together.

21. Randomly help your partner to dress up.

22. Buy flowers and present it to your partner with love.

23. Prepare dinner together when you are both at home.

24. Prepare breakfast and bring it to bed for your partner to eat.

25. Help them with the house chores even if it is their duty to do that particular chore.

26. Open the car door or house door for your partner.

27. Create goals together and work on achieving them together.

28. Volunteer together for a cause.

29. Smile when you see your partner. That would definitely make his or her day.

30. Wear matching clothes or shoes in public (not all the time, of course).

31. Give your partner a massage when they get back from work.

32. Take a bubble bath with your partner.

33. Learn to forgive your partner for their mistakes. Everyone is bound to make mistakes once in a while but you must be willing to forgive your partner and let go of any grudges you might have against them.

34. Always offer your support to your partner in any way you can and constantly remind him or her that you’ve always got their back.

35. Don’t force your partner to do things that he or she doesn’t like.

36. Respect your partner’s personal space. Give them a breathing space to do their things and don’t be in their face always.

37. Try to settle your misunderstandings on the same day, don’t sleep on it or keep malice with each other.

38. Be friendly with your partner’s family and friends. Even if some of them are giving you a hard time, learn to tolerate them.

39. Be a great listener to your partner. Don’t talk about yourself only.

40. Trust your partner and always give him or her the benefit of the doubt. Don’t just jump into conclusion based on what you see, ask your partner questions first and hear from them.


Physical affection

If your partner constantly craves physical touch from you, then you could;

41. Kiss your partner in the morning when they are off to work and at night when they are back.

42. Hold hands in public. Don’t be shy to display public affection if your partner likes it.

43. Play with your partner’s hair while talking in bed.

44. Hug your partner in private and in public.

45. Look into your partner’s eyes and tell him or her how much you love them.

46. Don’t deprive your partner of intimacy. Make your intimate and sexual life fun and interesting. Adopt new techniques in the bedroom, find out what your partner enjoys the most, and practice it with them.

47. Send random selfies, pictures or videos to your partner during the day.

48. Do each other’s hair, makeup, or something of that kind for fun. However, if your partner isn’t really good at doing those things, be sure not to wear them out.


Spending quality time together

If spending quality time with your partner makes him or her feel more loved and appreciated, then you could;

49. Play board or card games with your partner. 

50. Watch a movie together. Choose your favourite genre or your partner’s favourite genre, get some popcorn and soft drinks.

51. Take a walk to the park or somewhere cool together.

52. Plan a surprise vacation for both of you. If your partner has been telling you about a particular place that they would like to visit, plan a surprise vacation for the both of you there.

53. Pay attention and Listen when your partner is talking. Listen to understand not to respond.

54. Make sure to avoid any form of distractions like your phone or laptop when spending time with your partner. If you must make use of your phone or laptop, politely excuse yourself and get done with it as soon as possible.

55. Share jokes with your partner and try to be a fun person to be with.

56. Exercise with your partner. Jog together or visit the gym together.

57. Accompany your partner to important events and ensure to be by their side most of the time.

58. Have a shower together once in a while, it helps to build intimacy between both of you.

59. Listen to your partner talk about their problems and brainstorm for solutions together.

60. Put on your favourite music and dance to it together.

61. Ask your partner how his or her day went, when they return from work.

62. Engage in your partner’s interests. For example, if they like playing video games, you could tell them to teach you how to play too.

63. Never be too busy to attend to your partner’s needs or to spend time with them. Even when you are busy, create time later to fill up for the time you didn’t spend with them.

64. Read a book together or to each other.

65. Take a day off work together and do something fun either inside your house or by going out.

66. Go through your photo album together and reminisce about the beautiful moments you have had together.

67. Take random selfies together and have fun while doing it.


Gifts and surprises

If your partner cherishes receiving gifts and surprises, then you could;

68. Go shopping with your partner and buy them a surprise gift. It doesn’t have to be something extravagant but it should be something meaningful.

69. Organize a special surprise dinner for you and your partner in a cool restaurant.

70. Buy your partner a gift that is useful to their hobby. For example, if your partner enjoys painting, you could buy him or her a canvas or any material that a painter would make use of.

71. Randomly send a love message card, flowers or chocolate to your partner’s workplace.  

72. Put a little gift in your partner’s travelling bag when they are travelling out of town.

73. Prepare your partner’s favourite meal and especially serve it to them with some wine.

74. Buy your partner’s favourite book or CD and give it to them.

75. Throw a surprise birthday party for your partner.

76. If your partner gets a promotion at work or makes an achievement, take him or her out to celebrate their success.

77. Go on a spa date together and give your body some good loving.

78. Buy your partner their favourite perfume, new underwear, or any gift they would appreciate out of the blue.


Final thoughts

Although the success of a relationship or marriage is not limited to the romantic gestures you exhibit to your partner, being romantic also contributes a huge deal to a loving and long-lasting relationship or marriage.

If you really want to make your partner feel loved and appreciated, then you should apply the romantic ideas that were highlighted above religiously.

Expressing your love and affection to your partner is very important in every relationship or marriage.

Try out each of the ideas with your partner and take note of which of them they love the most, then adopt them. If your partner has more than one love language, mix up the romantic ideas until you get the best outcome!

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Romantic Ways To Make Your Partner Feel Loved And Appreciated

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