50 Self-Discovery Questions For Personal Growth

Self-Discovery Questions

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Self-discovery has a lot more to do with mental health than physical health. And there are certain measures you could take to discover yourself (and of course, improve your mental health), such as using self-discovery questions to get to know yourself better.

Practicing self-discovery has so many advantages attached to it. It is a very reliable tool to enhance resilience and self-confidence. 

The main reason you exist is obviously your purpose in life. Now, when you practice self-discovery, you gain the insights, motivation, and passion to achieve that purpose for which you exist. 

To ascertain self-discovery, one necessary step to take is to provide answers to certain deep questions (very truthfully and without sentiments). 

The answers you provide to those questions will go a long way to reflect your entire personality; dreams, aspirations, strengths, weaknesses, etc. Now, looking back at those initial responses, you’ll realize you’ve evolved over time!

The fact is that you will benefit a whole lot – if you can focus on your personal growth and self-discovery; regardless of your age, status, or class. 


Why get to know yourself?

The self-discovery process will help you to heal. You will strategically move on in life (especially during one of those depressing times we all find ourselves in at one point or the other). 

When you discover YOURSELF, you will know the environments, people, things, and routines that are positive or negative to your mental health. In other words, you will be the master of your own mind! 

You’ll basically know what activities to do more and those to do less. What risks to take and the risks to avoid. As a matter of fact, this whole process will help you discern what success personally means to you.  

Now, if your aim is simply to get started, this article will help you begin your self-discovery process! Right here, I will be highlighting 50 self-discovery questions for your personal growth. I mean, these should be more than enough.

Mind you, the process of self-discovery might not be very rosy. It takes a whole lot of patience and resilience. Besides, there is no particular place called SELF-DISCOVERY. It is not a destination, but a continuous movement. Therefore, you have to be steady with it. 

Ready? Let’s go.


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Self-Discovery Questions To Ask Yourself

To ensure you obtain the best result, find a serene space and be relaxed while you ask yourself the following questions. You might want to write these questions in a journal along with your answers.

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Self-Discovery Questions


1. What Matters Most In My Life? 

The reason you should ask this question first is because first things should actually come first. You will definitely understand your purpose in life if you focus on the most important things in your life! 

2. What Are My Core Values?

Knowing your values gives you a clearer picture of what matters most in your life. It helps you to concentrate on the things that matter most.

3. Am I Living In Ways That Are Aligned With My Core Values? 

You need to ask this question to ensure that you are on the right track towards your purpose in life.

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4. What Are My Most Essential Needs? 

Of course, you’ll agree with me that needs are primary while wants are secondary. Your needs have more to do with air, water, food, clothing, shelter, etc. You simply can’t do without them.

Asking this question will help you lay more emphasis on your needs. 

5. Do I have All My Basic Needs? 

One of the most important factors that indicate your level of fulfillment in life is your ability to access your fundamental needs in life. It’s not necessarily money or other material things, but those basic needs like food, clothing, shelter, etc.

Asking this question will motivate you to achieve your basic needs. And by so doing, you will feel more fulfilled.

6. What Are My Most Essential Wants And Desires? 

After considering your needs, you also have to ask questions regarding your wants.

Some of your wants could be; wearing cool clothes, driving beastly cars, wearing popular brands of shoes, traveling to Miami for holidays, etc. Achieving your wants and desires will actually bring you lots of happiness in life. 

7. What Are My Principles And How Do I Abide By Those Principles? 

Your principles are the sets of personal rules that regulate your life. They are your moral rules. 

Being a man or woman of your principles adds to your self-fulfillment. So, questions concerning your principles are one of the most important self-discovery questions to ask.

8. What Is My Purpose(s) In Life? 

When you find out your purpose in life, you become more aware of where you’re headed. It’s important to ask this particular question because purpose gives your existence meaning. 

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9. What Kind Of Person Am I? 

Among the various personality traits that are psychologically recognized, which do you fall into? What kind of person are you?

This question will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses. To find out your personality type, you should take a personality test; a quick Google search will show you many options to choose from. 

10. What Does A Good Life Mean To Me? 

Understanding the meaning of a good life (to you) is very important in your journey to self-discovery. Some people who see a good life as a life full of love and happiness. Others see a good life as a life filled with money (lots of it). 

Your own perception of a good life might be different. Find out exactly what it is.

11. What Is The Origin Of My Self-Worth And Self-Value? 

What makes you valuable. Why are you valuable?

12. Which Aspect Of My Life Do I Need To Improve?  

What are your weaknesses and how can you improve?

13. Am I Free?

Freedom and captivity come in many ways. One example of confinement is debt. If you are financially free, you won’t be indebted to anyone. Are you really free?

14. Why Am I Allergic To Change? 

One famous reason why most people are afraid of change is because of the fear of uncertainties surrounding the outcome. 

Endeavor to discover the specific reason you resist change. 

15. Between Intelligence And Wisdom; Which Do I Value More? 

Before you make your choice, mind you that intelligence is simply the act of knowing and understanding how to apply what you know. 

But then wisdom is the act of using your intellect for the greatest good. Wisdom gives you the insight to apply your intellect in the best way.

Now, which do you value more?

16. What Does Success Mean To Me? 

To you, does success mean MONEY? Or does it mean something more?

Also, ask yourself…

17. What Are My Greatest Worries In Life?

Then, ask:

18. How Do I Deal With My Greatest Worries?  

19. Do I Have Any Gift? 

What are your talents? How can you use your talent(s) for the greater good? How can you maximise your talent(s)? 

20. How Do I Move On From Unpleasant Experiences Or Thoughts? 

How do you bounce back from unpleasant incidents and become happier?

21. When I’m In Emotional Pain, How Do I Heal? 

How do you bounce back from emotional trauma?

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22. What Are The Things That Drain My Energy? 

Are you subject to negative energy and vibes? What are those things that drain you? How do you counteract the negative effect?

This question is quite important given the predominance of negative people around us. Sometimes, activating the self-discovery mode becomes increasingly difficult because of the people or things we keep around us. 

In a bid to deal with those negative energies you need to ask yourself this particular question. 

23. How Fast Is My Life? 

Too fast? Too slow? Or just fine?  

24. How do I feel about my previous mistake(s)? 

At this particular stage, similar self-discovery questions you should ask are; do I regret my last mistake? Have I moved on from it? What lessons did I learn from it? 

25. Do I Rely On Others To Provide Solutions To My problems? 

If so, then why that?

26. What Are My Sources Of Inspiration And Motivation? 

The sources of your inspiration and motivation (towards achieving your ultimate goals) are strongly related to your purpose in life. 

Therefore, find out what motivates and inspires you. By so doing, achieving your purpose in life won’t be far-fetched.

27. What Am I Holding On To?

Are you attaching yourself to something you should probably let go of? What exactly is that? Why are you finding it difficult to let go? 

28. Do I Have Any Unfinished Business? 

If you have any unfinished business, then with whom?  How do you go about this?

29. How Good Am I At Handling Situations?

On a scale of 1-10, where do you rank when it comes to handling situations calmly? 

How do you improve in this aspect?

30. In What Aspect Of My Life Am I Compromising Unhealthily?

Do you ignore priorities for frivolities? Do you trade authenticity for safety? Are you living to please people? How do you fix this? 

31. What Hinders Me From Living Authentically? 

Is it for the fear of displeasing people? Or for the sake of low self-esteem?

32. Am I Censoring My Thoughts And Feelings? 

Are your thoughts and feelings filtered? How good are the products of your thoughts? 

33. What Are Those Limiting Beliefs That Affect Me Negatively? 

What is the source of such beliefs? And what positive beliefs should you adopt to counteract those negative ones? 

34. How Do I Feel About Creating And Maintaining My Boundaries? 

How often do you behave unruly (towards others)?

Do you often allow others to treat you however they want? And do you feel okay or shy about limiting what people can say or do around you?

Do you feel okay or shy about limiting what you can do or say around others? If the latter ask yourself:

35. Why am I shy about creating such limits?

Really dig deep and get to know your own thoughts.

36. Do I Sabotage Myself? 

How? In what ways do you sabotage yourself? What are the things you do that undermine or thwart your efforts? 

37. How Do I Feel About Self-Care?

How do self-care routines affect your life? Positively or negatively? 

38. Do I Trust Myself? 

This is a key self-discovery question to ask. Consider if you trust other people’s ideas more than yours. 

39. Do I Desire To Be In a Position of Influence And Power? 

And why?

40. What Is The Best Book I’ve Read? 

Think about it, why do you consider it the best? What lesson did you learn from it? How has it changed your life?

41. What Are My Goals In Life? 

Goals give you something to look forward to achieving. It gives your life a purpose and direction. 

So you should always ask this question in order to ensure you are on the right track. 

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42. Who Are My Go-To People? 

Your go-to people are people you confide in. So, be careful of who you choose for this role. 

43. What Am I Most Grateful For In Life?

44. Do I Often Feel Envious Or Jealous? 

How do you deal with jealousy and envy?

45. What Quality Do I Admire Most About Myself? 

46. What And Where Do I Imagine To Be In The Next 5 Years? 

How can you become who you want to be in the next 5 years?

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47. How Much Time Do I Spend Online? 

Are you more of an online freak? Do you prefer online activities than offline?  Or can you go days without being in front of a screen…

48. How Valuable Is My Privacy To Me? 

If you don’t already, how do you start attaching more value to your private life?

49. How Valuable Is My Health To Me? 

If you must value anything in your life, it is your health. It is essential that your health is stable for you to keep on with the self-discovery process.  Do you value your health?

50. How Do I Want To Be Remembered?


The legacy you keep as you leave a particular setting (in life or afterlife) is very vital. As a matter of fact, the whole essence of life is how well you lived it. And the legacy you leave behind stands as proof! 


Final thoughts…

All these self-discovery questions are basically aimed to help you UNDERSTAND yourself better. It’s only when you know (understand) yourself that you can fully exist for both who you are and what you are.


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Self-Discovery Questions

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