How To Tell If A Guy Likes You Over Text: 15 Signs

How to tell if a guy likes you over text

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So you’re texting him and wondering how to tell if a guy likes you over text. Is he actually interested or is he just being friendly? Knowing if a guy likes you can be quite a daunting task even when you are both seeing each other physically, how much more over texting! At first thought, one might assume that it should be very easy to know such things when you are texting, but until you have been in such a situation, you can’t know for sure.

Unlike talking to each other physically, where you can see the person’s expression, body language and hear the tone of their voice, when texting, you can’t gauge a person’s expression nor can you tell the tone of their voice when they type a certain message. And you are likely to misinterpret some things that they might say which makes it difficult to tell if the guy actually likes you or not.

So if you’re wondering whether a guy likes you over text, well, just look out for these 15 signs highlighted below and save yourself the stress of worrying if he likes you or he’s just bored!

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1. He loves to initiate conversations

Looking at it overall, it is a very bad sign if you are the only one who always initiates conversations. It can be very tiring and you would begin to think that you are probably becoming a bother to the other person.

You must take note of things like this. Does he always initiate conversations? Or does he always wait for you to initiate the conversation? What happens if you don’t initiate a conversation? If he always puts effort in initiating conversation, it means that he definitely wants to talk to you and that is a sign that he likes you.

2. He always compliments you

If you are wondering how to tell if a guy likes you over text, one of the things he would do is to compliment you regularly. He would tell you the things he notices and likes about you. It could be the way you look in a picture that you sent to him or your smile.

He would probably put up beautiful comments on your social media posts. One of the ways to a woman’s heart is by complimenting her and most guys know this, so when he likes you, he will definitely shower praises on you.

Although some guys may just be complimenting you just to get in your pants (yep, the truth stings), when you find him complimenting you on the very little things that you may not even notice, then that is a very, very good sign.

3. He doesn’t give you one word answers

A guy who is really into you will definitely put effort into texting you and responding well to your messages. Reading one word responses from anyone while texting can be a very huge turn off, so any guy who gives you such vibes is definitely not into you.

When a guy thoughtfully responds to your text and gives room for more conversation, it means that he is interested in talking to you and probably likes you. There are so many other things that one could be doing on one’s phone or with one’s time, but for him to prioritize talking to you and putting effort into it, is a high indication that he likes you.

4. He doesn’t respond late

Who doesn’t despise getting late responses? I know I do! Any guy who takes ages to respond to your text messages probably doesn’t like you all that much, because if he does he would be eager to talk to you.

The only exception is if he gives you a valid reason why he responded late and it isn’t something that happens all the time. Of course, life can get busy sometimes but we would always create time for those who mean something to us (it’s the law of the universe, look it up) (okay wait, please don’t look it up).  

5. He loves to talk about what the both of you would be doing if you were together in the same place

When a guy talks about what the both of you would be doing if you were together, it means he is actually interested in being with you and he thinks about you often. If he is constantly dropping hints that he would rather be with you than just communicate over text, girl, this is a huge sign that he actually likes you.

6. He wants to know all about you

Another clear indicator is that he wants to know all about you. He doesn’t just talk about himself or other things all the time, he shows genuine interest in knowing about you, your interests, hobbies and life.

Maybe he asks about your family and friends and he takes note of these things and might even bring some of it up in future conversations. He also pays attention to little details about the things that you tell him. This means that he wants to connect with you and create a good rapport.

7. You text virtually all day

When a guy is constantly texting you, virtually all day, sustaining your conversations and telling you how much he enjoys talking to you, then that is a pretty good sign.

Except when a guy really likes you, he wouldn’t pick up his phone to constantly text you. Instead, he would rather do other things with his spare time like play video games or watch a match. When a guy puts effort into texting you everyday and every hour that he can squeeze out time to text you, it shows that he has a genuine interest in you.

8. He tells you that he likes you

After texting a lot for a while, he is most likely going to let you in on how he feels about you. He might not directly tell you that he likes you at first, but he would be dropping hints until then. He might be prompted to let his feelings be known quickly if he also sees that you are giving him a green light that you also like him.

You may even decide to actually pop the question yourself, since you are both adults. There is no point trying to constantly guess and worry yourself about if he actually likes you or not, when simply asking him will solve that problem for you. Him owning up to liking you is a clear indication that he does.

9. He texts you once he wakes in the morning and before he goes to bed

It is indeed a beautiful feeling when you wake up to a “Good Morning, have a wonderful day ahead” text. If a guy constantly sends you a “Good Morning” text, it means you are one of the first things that he thinks of every morning and he wants you to be a part of his day.

It definitely feels even better when a guy texts you before he goes to bed. It means he is thinking about you and wants you to do the same. When a guy is constantly dropping all these signs for you, it doesn’t take a soothsayer to make you realize that he actually does like you.

10. You share jokes together

When a guy shares jokes with you to make you laugh, even the silly ones, it is a good sign that he is into you. 

It could be something he says, a random video, a write up, just anything that you can both relate to and laugh out loud or smile about. Sharing jokes also helps you both to build a stronger connection with each other.

11. He tells you about himself and what’s happening with him

If a guy shares details, intricate details, about what is going on in his life with you, from how his day went to what he enjoys doing, it means he is letting you into his life and he is interested in you. If he tells you about all the important things going on in his life, both the big and the small ones, this shows that he places a lot of importance and confidence in you. Plus, he shares his wins with you and wants you to celebrate with him.

If he does all these, then no one needs to state the obvious which is, he likes you, girl! 

12. He makes concrete plans with you and sticks to them 

It can be really annoying when you have made plans with someone and they just bail out at the last minute, coming up with one excuse or the other.

Worse still when a person just gives you vague details about the plans and doesn’t come to a concrete conclusion on if you would be meeting, and when and where—it can be a very huge turn off for anyone.

When a guy likes you, he will make concrete plans with you and stick to them. He will text you even days or a day before the main event to remind you. This means that it is important to him and he is looking forward to it.

13. He is flirty with you

It is true that some guys are just naturally flirty, they flirt with virtually anyone and everyone. But when a guy is showing you other signs that he likes you, being flirty is just the icing on the cake. If he uses a lot of flirty emojis with you, more than he does with any other person, it’s a sign that he does like you.

14.  He is always willing to be of help

Men naturally like to come off as problem solvers. And when they like a person, they will always be willing to lend a helping hand to them. If you ever mention a problem to him and he tries his possible best to come up with a solution for you, then he likes you.

Men also like to impress you with their solutions and it serves as a big boost to their ego. A guy that likes you will want to be your Superman and come through for you.

15. You can feel that he likes you

This may sound weird, but if you constantly get butterflies and a huge smile is plastered on your face each time you see a text from him, or you always rush to check your phone each time it dings hoping that you see a message from him, then there is a very huge possibility that he likes you and you know it.

When you get to this point you shouldn’t be working yourself up to find out if he likes you, because your heart says it all. Guys aren’t really good at concealing how they feel about a girl. If he likes you, he will show it and you will know he does.

Finally, it might not be so easy to tell if a guy likes you, what with all the players out there, but all of the tips mentioned above combined are the best ways to tell if a guy likes you over text or not. So you have to carefully take note and look out for them during your conversations. 

If after seeing all these signs, he still doesn’t make any move to pursue you or propose a relationship, then it means that he probably doesn’t want a relationship yet, especially if you are also showing him signs that you are interested. 

On your part, if, after seeing all these signs, you are sure that you like him too and you would like to begin a relationship with him, please go ahead and live your life to the fullest. Make the first move if you wish. But if you aren’t interested in him, then you should let him know as soon as possible instead of blindly leading him on.

You both can still maintain a friendship if you choose to. Life doesn’t have to be too complicated. Can I get an amen?

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How to tell if a guy likes you over text

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