10 Signs It Is Time To Break Up And Move On

Signs It Is Time To Break Up

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It can be a sad thing when relationships come to an end. But sometimes it’s also a blessing in disguise, even though it may not seem like it right at that moment. Today we’ll look at 10 signs it is time to break up and move on.

Now I know you’ve probably imagined heaven on earth while you two were having a great time. I know you were already thinking of forever before life came with its lemons and making lemonade now seems to be harder than breaking a Guinness World Record. 

It’s quite understandable to be devastated, but knowing that it’s just a phase that won’t last forever is the good news. You have to remind yourself of it over and over again. It’s hard when partners stop getting along like they used to, what is not okay is hopping to conclusions and calling it quits without proper scrutiny. 

However, there are two things. It’s either your relationship is only going through a phase that will test your love for each other, or it’s time to call it quits and move on. 

Now, it’s much easier to believe it’s just a phase. But if this has been a recurring situation, it’s no longer a phase, it’s a lifestyle. It’s up to you to decide whether this “phase” will continue any longer or you’re going to put a stop to it and quit wasting time with the wrong relationship. 

10 Signs That It Is Time To Break Up

I agree, it’s easier said than done. But the first step is always the most important step. If you’re not brave enough to come to terms with the truth, the truth will find a way to come to terms with you. And by then, it’ll be too late to break free without terrible damage being done to both your heart and your life. 

Now, I’m not saying you should make a decision right away. Rather take your time, assess the situation at hand and try to come to a feasible conclusion. 

How about reading further? The 10 signs it is time to break up mentioned below will help you know whether it’s just a stage in your relationship or if it’s really break’0 clock.

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1. When you begin to over compromise

In relationships, compromise simply means giving up something in order to reach a consensus and a level of understanding with your partner. 

Making healthy compromises is an essential part of a happy relationship. Healthy compromises could be reserving the last cookie in the jar because you know it’s their favourite or giving up a bad habit that seems to get in between you and your partner (here, this makes you a better person, bad habits aren’t supposed to be your homies anyway). 

However, when you start giving up your values, placing your partner above your happiness or maybe choosing them over your family or giving up your beliefs in order to concur with theirs, then you have yourself a big problem. 

Your family is of primary importance and your values and belief system are the things that make you who you are. When you start putting those things at the back pew in your life in order to please your partner, then it’s time to let go. If they really love you and want things to work, they won’t have a problem with what makes you, you.

2. When there’s a communication breach

Generally, communication is the mainstay of human society, it is virtually what births relationships. So thinking you can go on with a communication breach in your relationship is quite worrisome. 

Whether you are in a room together or you are thousands of miles apart, consistent lack of communication means your relationship has hit an iceberg, and like the Titanic, it will only go downhill from here. Communication goes beyond expressing how you feel with words, it also has to do with deeds and even body language. 

In a relationship, it’s understandable that time and experience sometimes take their toll on partners and discerning them might not be as easy as it used to be. Here, all you might need is a heart to heart convo and a little patience rather than jumping into conclusions. 

Nevertheless, if you find that you and your partner do not make efforts to understand each other or if after consistent trials, most pillow talks end with misunderstandings, arguments or even with a tone of indifference, then it’s time to take a bow and move on.

3. When unhappiness becomes a perpetual absentee

Life’s not a bed of roses, yeah we get it. But hey! There’s no rule book that states that we have to walk on thistles and thorns all through our lifetime. 

Fights, heartaches, few hurts, little misunderstandings here and there, they are all bound to happen in a relationship. I mean, your family members are probably the people you’ve known for the longest time, but you still experience all that in your relationship with them once in a while. So it’s normal and definitely no strange thing with your partner. 

What is not healthy is when gloom and bitterness becomes the order of the day. If you are not happy and all you do all the time is fantasize about getting a break from your relationship, then you need to bring that dream of yours into reality.  

When the laughter and moments of love, peace and joy don’t make up 20% of the time you guys are together, but rather, you are at each other’s necks, ignoring, yelling and pulling all-nighters with an exhausted box of Kleenex by your bedside, then it’s a clear sign that it’s time to let go.

4. Constant complaining

Sometimes, the problem might not be with your significant other but with you. Feeling blue and unhappy about yourself and life, is toxic not only to the relationship, but to your partner as well. 

You need to realize that it’s enough punishment to see a loved one in a helpless situation, it hurts more when those things build a wall between them and us. When you find yourself complaining, nagging, feeling touchy and irritable about the slightest things, you might need to take a break to have a self-evaluation check. 

Nobody wants a bad vibe. Don’t feed your relationship the gloom and misery you experienced during a bad day, don’t hurt their emotions because of the dose of cramps you get during your monthlies. 

It’s good to talk to them about whatever it is so they can comfort you and you both can solve the problems together—what are partners for? However, if it’s still negativity, negativity out and all you do is go round the circle of misery while hurting others in the process, please save them heartache and bid them goodbye.

5. When you’ve fallen out of love

Firstly, I don’t think anyone who’s genuinely in love should fall out of love. Not if you’ve both put in the time to work on your relationship. Nevertheless, if you know you no longer love your partner as they do you or vice versa, when you notice the efforts you put in the relationship compared to theirs are like a drop of water into an ocean, and it is consistently so, then you need to start reconsidering things. 

Love births actions and when both are not mutually expressed in a relationship, a partner is usually subjected to a carefree attitude and mean treatment from the other. 

If care is not taken, it could lead to an abusive relationship. You can’t force love. When things like this happen, it simply means it’s time to call it quits and move on. 

Also note that it is very important to let your partner know you’re no longer interested in them. Don’t be a coward and keep on dishing out the silent treatment. Chances are, they will keep forgiving you and making excuses for your wrongs. It is not right to keep on with such behaviour, because the longer you stay there, the harder it will be.

6. When you quit being yourself

The worst person on earth is the one who lives in a facade of who they are not, while imprisoning who they really are.

 It’s worrisome when you find yourself faking it around your partner in order to avoid their disapproving remarks and discontented countenance. A relationship that is healthy for you won’t make you apologetic about your persona. It won’t make you try to be something you’re not.

So he didn’t mind you putting on makeup in the beginning of the relationship, but now he prohibits you from doing it and makes you feel bad whenever you go out with makeup on? That’s a ticking time bomb. Next, he’ll tell you what to wear, and how to walk in public. 

Don’t put up with a partner who makes you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. This is often how people end up in long-term relationships or marriages where one person acts and behave exactly like the other, and not because they want to, but because they have to.  

You do not want this for yourself, trust me. Who you are is so important, even more important than your partner and your relationship put together. 

7. Moving faster than the tick of a clock

It’s been a week since your relationship started, you have already met his family but you are now on your way to answer the 5th booty call and you still don’t feel something’s off? Oh! You better do. There’s nothing fancy about waiting; waiting is waiting. 

Understand that great things take time. Anyone who likes you will take things steady with you. Even if you are the Barry Allen in this, they would likely call you to caution. If you keep having the feeling that you’re moving faster than the rhythm of your heartbeat, please don’t ignore it. Slow down or end it entirely. 

8. When it becomes an abusive relationship

Whether physical, emotional or mental abuse, it is what it is (yes, I said it in that voice). Don’t stay in a marriage or relationship with someone who uses you as a punching bag in the morning, brings you down with hurtful words and mean treatment at noon, then apologises and professes fake love while having sex with you at night (I won’t call that making love). 

Staying in an abusive relationship is not exhibiting tolerance or patience, it’s docility and maybe selfishness. For the married folks, especially the woman who has embraced this pattern of thinking, even if you don’t love yourself, think about the kids, the trauma and effects of watching a parent abuse the other while growing up. Sure, if it happens the first time, maybe you can still forgive them. But if it happens again, forgive yourself for taking too much garbage, dispose of them and move on. Physical or emotional abuse is one of the most glaring signs that it is time to break up.

9.  When insecurities outweigh the assurance

Insecurities and trust issues are certainly not the best recipe for a healthy relationship. 

When you find yourself second guessing the things your partner tells you, if you’re constantly running with imaginations about who your partner is with while they are away for the weekend, if all they do is prepare a questionnaire before you get off the phone with someone, you have to call it quits. 

When your doubts and fears consistently outweigh your assurance and trust for your partner, it speaks volumes. To them, it means they are not trustworthy and trust me, that hurts almost as much as having a dagger stabbed through the heart.

10. When irreconcilable differences exist

“No two people are the same, even identical twins.” I totally agree with that saying, even clones in Sci-fi movies have different characters—have you seen Gemini man with Will Smith? Great movie if you ask me. 

Anyway, people differ, and our differences are what make us unique. When the differences of two partners outweigh what they agree on, it’s code RED. When these differences become irreconcilable, it’s best they save themselves the name calling, misunderstandings, and yelling, call it quits and move on. 

Now, I know you might be thinking, “But it’s not that simple!”. Well, you’re right and hey, I’m on your side here. However, it’s important that you face the reality of things instead of trying to cover it up. 

There’s only so much you can take, and before you know it, the relationship will become so unbearable that you’ll wish you had saved yourself the stress from the onset.

Hold on to these 10 signs it is time to break up and move on because they could save a heart, maybe yours or someone else’s.

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Signs It Is Time To Break Up

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