How To Develop A Positive Mindset: 12 Real Tips

How to develop a positive mindset

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There is a common mantra which says that happiness is a choice.” 

At certain points in your life, you may find it very difficult to come to terms with that quote, perhaps because you have experienced some really bad situations that gave you no choice but to be sad. I mean, how can you be happy when you lost your dad? Or when your investment crashed? Is it even possible? 

But the progression of time changes things. You will begin to realize that you can actually stay happy if you want to, no matter the situation. You’ll realize that we all have different choices to make in life, and that virtually every action we take is as a result of choice. Therefore, you can choose to be happy.

You can only realize this when you have a change of mindset i.e. from the negative to the positive. And will it pay off? Yes, certainly, it will! 

How To Develop a Positive Mindset

Life is a product of what you accept it to be. Your mindset or perception of life as a whole is the main factor that decides how everything plays out for you. 

Therefore, it’s important for you to nurture a mindset that says Yes when others are saying No. A mindset that sees possibilities where others are seeing impossibilities. Developing this mindset has proven to be the difference between successful people and not-so-successful-but-trying-to-be-successful people. 

Building a positive mindset not only brings about success, but it also leads to happiness, fulfillment, good health, and so on! 

In fact, show me a man who is unhappy and unfulfilled and I’ll show you a man who does not have a positive mindset (I should probably make this a famous quote now).

I don’t have to ask if you want to be healthy, successful, happy and fulfilled because the answer is obvious. The question I should ask is, do you know how to develop a positive mindset which will bring about this successful, accomplished and happy life? That is exactly what you’ll gain from reading this article. Now, let’s look at 12 tips on how to develop a positive mindset.

1. Optimism is the key 

The very first step towards building a positive mindset is to always expect the very best outcome. Never say never! Remember, when you are not optimistic, every other thing that brings about a positive mindset will not materialize. 

For instance, you may be a person who is filled with negative thoughts. Perhaps you hardly attempt new things and when you do, you always fear the worst. 

This constant fear culminates into anxiety. And anxiety leads to stagnation. You will most likely remain where you are and never attempt anything. You lose confidence in yourself. It may get to a point where you hardly believe that you can do anything successfully. You may see lots of opportunities pass and never grab them because of the fear of failure. 

This pattern of life is the life of a pessimist. But…(dramatic pause) you can overcome this pessimistic mindset and the progress you will make afterwards will know no bounds. 

Dear friend, never go down that lane if you really want to be positive-minded and if you want to make real progress. 

2. Start each day on a positive note

Every day is a new day, so treat each day like an innocent child. Don’t spoil the happiness of a new day with the sadness of yesterday. 

One certain thing is that the way you start your day goes a long way to tell if it’s going to be a good day or a bad day. Have you ever wondered why each time you do something wrong, some people tend to ask “Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed?” They’re simply trying to understand if you started your day badly, hence the wrong attitude. 

Learn how to start your day with anything that gives you joy. Happiness can be derived from many things if not everything. Be it: prayer, exercise, listening to blissful music, etc. Just do it if it makes you happy.

3. Develop self-love

How can you ever perceive the positivity of life if all you see in yourself is negative? Your positive mindset starts from within. It starts with you seeing the positives in you, it starts with loving yourself deeply. 

When you love yourself, you believe in yourself. When you believe in yourself, you are confident and when you are confident, nothing can stop you from going for the best. That’s what positivity is all about and it all starts with loving yourself. 

4. Develop self-confidence 

Developing self-confidence does not necessarily mean you should be overconfident. It doesn’t mean you should not apply precautions. What it means is that while you are meticulous enough to apply all the necessary precautions, you should also believe that you can do it. 

When you have self-confidence, you believe that though it seems impossible, for you it is possible. One positive thing about self-confidence is that it removes unnecessary fear and tension. It eradicates unnecessary doubts and disbelief in your ability. 

5. It doesn’t have to be perfect for it to be okay

Life itself is very dynamic in character. Therefore, you should expect dynamism in everyday events. You will win many times and many other times, you may not. That is life and it is okay. 

People may claim that their marriages are stable, that their sources of income are stable, that this is stable and that is stable but the truth is, as long as it has to do with life and existence, nothing is really stable. 

Knowing this, it is good to relate it to your personal life. Don’t ever condemn your entire effort simply because you had minor errors here and there. As long as you are in a dynamic world, there must be mistakes. And that you made a mistake does not mean that your entire effort is in shambles. Don’t be too hard on yourself, take credit for the ones you got right and correct those you got wrong… You can only learn to get better.

6. See the reason to be happy, no matter the situation

When I said earlier that you can choose to be happy no matter what, it wasn’t a mistake, nor was it simply to make this post more interesting. One way to develop a positive mindset is to choose only to see the good part of every bad situation. To focus on the positives instead of the negatives. 

For instance, if a friend of yours betrays your trust, you don’t have to dwell on the pain of betrayal, rather see it as an opportunity to know who your true friends are. You lost a loved one?  Don’t let the pain weigh you down, rather think of it that death is inevitable and that it could be anybody’s turn tomorrow. You lost your job? Remember you are alive and healthy, you’re skilled so can always get another job! 

By choosing happiness, you’re doing yourself a huge favour. Apart from the stress that comes with sadness, the health challenges associated with continuous sadness are enough reason to avoid being sad at all costs.

Happiness is always the key to a positive mindset. 

7. Aspire to live your life to the fullest!

Listen, life is too short. 

It is too short to always be mean and serious, too short not to enjoy when you can. What is the ultimate essence of life if not to be happy and to live it to the fullest? While you labour every day and strive so hard to make a living, don’t forget to be merry when you can. Don’t forget to eat good food, your body needs it today! Also, don’t forget to wear good clothes.

Treat yourself nicely with your hard earned money because nobody will do that better than you. Spend your money wisely on what gives you happiness. While you’re alive today, explore every positive aspect of life because tomorrow is not guaranteed. 

Live your life to the fullest. Finito.

8. Only learn from your past, focus on the present and target the future

If you want to drive your mindset towards positivity, then:

Firstly, when you think about your past, it shouldn’t be because of anything other than to remember the lessons you learned from it. In other words, never dwell on the past, rather, learn from it. 

This will make you be better prepared to handle present situations and look ahead for the future challenges that await. Your past lessons will enable you not to repeat the mistakes that led to your initial failures. 

Secondly, focus on the present. Your past glory or success should not be your point of focus.  What really matters is what you are doing presently and how you are faring at it. Therefore, channel your energy towards thinking the right thoughts now and trying to get better presently. That is what positivity calls for. 

Thirdly, make sure that every action you take every moment is solely targeted at making a greater future. Be futuristic minded and be motivated to achieve something great soon. 

9. Only speak positively 

A friend of mine once said, “If you have nothing good to say, just keep quiet.” This is exactly what a positive-minded person would say…A person who is well guided on the power of positive speech. 

The words we speak, as we all know, are very powerful. Moreover, to nurture a positive mindset, you have to learn how to speak only positive words because it is what you have in your mind (mindset) abundantly that your mouth will speak. 

When you speak only positives, you attract positive energy and when you are surrounded with positive energy, everything about you becomes positive, including your mindset. 

10. Associate with positivity 

Those you associate with go a long way to determine the mindset you will develop over time. If you’re always socializing with positive people, they will definitely influence you. As a matter of fact, research has proven that your peers and associates are your greatest influencers, ahead of religion or school. 

Therefore, it’s pertinent to do away with negative-minded people and mingle more with people who are worthwhile in order to influence your mindset for the better. 

11. A good laugh can do the trick 

Many tend to underestimate the power of a good laugh. One of the simplest ways to express goodness and feel positive is through laughter. In case you don’t know, psychological research findings prove that triggering a good laugh that lasts for about 15 seconds can go a long way to cure depression that has lasted for years. 

Have you ever been in an embarrassing situation and laughed it off? I’m very sure that you must have felt better or at least less embarrassed. Laughter is like an antidote to any sort of negativity. Therefore, don’t hesitate to laugh whenever the opportunity presents itself. 

12. Read, watch and listen to motivational materials

One good way to engender change is through reading. Reading gives you the chance to learn, unlearn and relearn whatever you want. 

You can be influenced negatively through reading negative materials. But on the other hand, there is no better way to acquaint yourself with a positive mindset than reading good books. Therefore, enter the closest library today and grab a good copy. Hmm, but then again, this is 2020 and the world is almost completely digital, so keep reading posts like these and download some good eBooks to feed your mind daily!

Also, listening to motivational podcasts is highly recommended. Watching motivational videos is also advisable. Let it be known to you that what you see and hear can go a long way to determine what you will internalize and what you internalize determines the mindset you’ll have. 

Above all that has been said, I bring you the good news: It is not as difficult to develop a positive mindset as you might have thought prior to reading this article. 

Therefore, it would be terrible if I failed to encourage you to try your very best to stick to the tips above in order to transform your mindset towards the positive end. Because a positive mindset is a winning mindset.

Be a winner!

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How to develop a positive mindset

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