How To Be A Better Wife And Improve Your Marriage

How To Be A Better Wife And Improve Your Marriage

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Wondering how to be a better wife and improve your marriage? We share our 18 best tips you can start implementing in your relationship today!

Marriage is said to be the only institution where you get a certificate in the beginning, unlike every other institution where you are given a certificate only at the end when you graduate. The simple explanation for this is that marriage is for a lifetime and no one ever graduates from it.

It is an institution where you learn and grow together with your spouse till death do you part. As a wife, you need to realize that your husband has fears, insecurities, and challenges the same way you do.

Unlike women who find it easy to express how they feel, men are usually uptight and prefer to keep things to themselves, especially their problems. This is why, as a wife, you must learn to be understanding and patient with your husband if you want your marriage to work out well.

Learning how to be a better wife to your husband might not be as easy as ABC, but you need to be willing to put in the extra effort to make your marriage work against all odds.

Check out these 18 tested and trusted tips on how to be a better wife and improve your marriage!

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1. Always encourage and support your husband

While taking your marriage vows, you both promised to stand by each other whether in good or in bad times and that is exactly how it should be. Things will not always be rosy, and that’s simply life. But you must stand and support your husband even during the hard and trying times.

Help him in any way you can. Brainstorm on how to find solutions to the problem at hand, give him moral support, or any other kind of support you are capable of giving.

One of the burning desires a man has is to always win. It is very hard for most of them to accept defeat, so you need to learn to constantly encourage him to do better and be better. Even when he makes a mistake or things go the other way round negatively, you should stand by him. 

2. Be Respectful

Every man loves to be respected, especially by his wife. Men are naturally egoistic so you will need to find the best way to handle it. Being respectful doesn’t diminish your worth or make you any less of a woman. Instead, it would only make your husband love you more.

Just as the popular saying goes, “Respect is reciprocal.” If you respect your husband, he will also respect you in return. Don’t talk to him disrespectfully, especially in public. Even if you have to correct him in public, call him aside and let him know, don’t just say it in the presence of everyone.

3. Forgive Easily

There’s bound to be arguments or disagreements that will hurt your feelings at one point of the relationship or the other, but you must learn to have a forgiving heart. Realize that no human is perfect and we are bound to make mistakes whether knowingly or unknowingly.

Your husband may be angry about something and this would make him say or do what he isn’t supposed to. But instead of holding onto this bitter memory and keeping malice with him, find a place in your heart to forgive him so that peace can reign in the home.

4. Build a healthy communication pattern

Communication is a very important aspect of any relationship or marriage, therefore you must learn to communicate effectively with your husband. Your communication should be civil and mature without always having to fight or shout at each other. And there are definitely various ways to improve communication in a relationship if you feel it is lacking.

Remember that you wouldn’t have the same opinion on everything, so you must keep an open mind in your conversations. Although you may wish for it, the truth is that your husband cannot read your mind, so always remember this.

If you want him to know something or you don’t like a particular thing that he does, tell him. If you need something from him, open your mouth to ask. 

When you are having a conversation with each other, avoid any form of distractions like your phone or laptop. Give him your full attention and let your body language say the same thing.

Always determine the right time to bring up a conversation and don’t pass aggression on him.

5. Don’t nag at your husband

This is like one of the golden rules in marriage (perhaps it should be included in vows now?). No man likes a nagging wife. In fact no one likes a person who nags, including you. 

Don’t complain about every single thing and find fault every time. Even when you find that he made a mistake somewhere, if you can’t correct it by yourself, correct him gently.

Know when to keep quiet. This doesn’t mean that you should avoid important issues and not say anything, but you should use your discretion to do the right thing. If you are angry with him about something, learn to keep your cool and not make a mountain out of a molehill.

6. Don’t bad-mouth your husband

Don’t ever speak ill of your husband to anyone, no matter what the situation may be. Don’t expose your husband’s weaknesses to your family or friends. If you do this, you will be diminishing his worth in their eyes and this doesn’t speak well of you as a person.

You should be praising and uplifting him with your words, not tearing him down.

7. Always appreciate your husband

Appreciating your husband shouldn’t just be limited to when he gets you an expensive gift or takes you on a date or trip. Thank him even for the most basic things. Appreciate him for providing for the family and being a good person.

By doing this, he will be willing to do even better next time.

8. Manage the finances of the house well 

As the wife, you would likely be the one to manage the finances of the house especially on expenditures. 

When your husband gives you money to get something bought or done, learn to create a budget, and spend the money wisely. Save for a rainy day and don’t spend money on unnecessary things.

9. Be intimate

Being intimate with your husband should be something you both enjoy and do often because it helps you to connect with him. Put an extra effort into making your sexual life more interesting and enjoyable with your husband.

Learn what makes you satisfied in bed and tell him. Learn what makes him satisfied in bed and try your best to do it for him.

10. Don’t keep secrets from him and let his secrets be safe with you

Keeping secrets from your husband may cause problems in the future when he eventually finds out about them. Learn to be open and honest with him about most if not everything.

Don’t lie by omission. It is the same as lying, and you know if you’re guilty of this. Be honest with him and with yourself.

Also, his secrets must be safe with you. Don’t go around telling your girlfriends something your husband confided in you. You wouldn’t want him doing that to you right?

11. Don’t be too quick to judge or jump into conclusions

Some situations may appear a certain way but in the end you will realize that it wasn’t what it originally appeared to be. Learn not to quickly judge your husband or jump into conclusions.

If you see something or suspect something that doesn’t sit well with you, have a conversation about it with your husband first, and hear what he has to say without being biased.

12. Build his confidence and trust in you

Don’t ever leave room for your husband to doubt your words or actions. Constantly try to build his trust and confidence in you and he should be able to boast of this.

One very important thing you should also give to him is your loyalty. Loyalty goes a long way in marriage. Be loyal to your husband at all times, be at his side, and have his back. Don’t fall into any situation that will make him question your loyalty to him.

13. Cook for him

Quite a lot of men appreciate a home-cooked meal and it wouldn’t be a bad idea for you to cook for your husband from time to time, especially his favorite meals. If you are not so good with cooking, you could find ways to learn how to cook better, either online or offline.  

Take his nutrition into consideration and make sure he eats healthily. This would greatly help to build a strong bond between the both of you.

14. Be nice to his family and friends

One of the ways to be a better wife to your husband is by being nice, and respecting his family and friends. You don’t necessarily have to be friends with all of them, but the least you can do is to be nice to them.

Respect your in-laws, try to spend time with them and visit them from time to time if you can. He will definitely appreciate your effort.

15. Take good care of yourself

The truth is that you can’t give what you don’t have, therefore, if you truly want to make your husband happy then you must be a happy person yourself. 

Eat healthily, be beautiful inside out, dress nice, smell nice, and shave often. Also, keep your hair neat, keep your space neat at all times, pamper yourself in a spa, and exercise often.

These little things contribute a great deal to having a happy marriage. 

16. Don’t suffocate his space

Everybody loves to have their personal space so don’t suffocate your husband. Give him some space to do his own thing. You must remember that before you were a couple you were both separate individuals and there are things you both enjoyed doing alone.

Allow him to have some personal time with his family, friends, and colleagues. Don’t go around snooping on his phone or laptop or eavesdropping on his conversations. Learn to trust him and give him the benefit of doubt.

17. Compliment him often

Everyone loves to feel good about themselves and giving compliments to a person helps them to achieve this.

Don’t hesitate to compliment your husband often. Tell him how much of an amazing person he is, compliment his appearance, and even his taste. This would also help to build his self-esteem and boost his morale.

18. Be an asset not a liability

Ladies, ladies, you need to be an asset to your husband not a liability. Look for ways to make his life better not worse. Give him advice where and when needed. He should be able to discuss important issues with you and implement your input on the issue.

If you’re not already, get something to do that you can earn an income from so that you can assist financially when need be. Be hardworking and diligent at all times.

In conclusion, the points mentioned above may not be all the answers you need on how to be a better wife and improve your marriage, but putting them into practice is a great start for you. 

Men can indeed be difficult sometimes, but you can learn to deal with your man irrespective of how difficult he might be. For you to have married him, it means the both of you understand each other to an extent, so use this to your advantage.

Be a friend to him, let him be able to trust and confide in you at all times. Give him reasons to be happy with you and try your best to always make him happy. Surprise him with gifts sometimes, give him a massage, send him sweet text messages or drop love notes for him in random places where he is sure to see it.


Make your home somewhere that your husband will always look forward to coming back to every day. Try your best to make him happy and always want to come home to you. 

Learning how to be a better wife and improving your marriage is not a day’s job, so be ready and willing to put in a constant effort in order to make things work out well, and in the long run.

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How To Be A Better Wife And Improve Your Marriage

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