10 Ways To Make Your Man Feel Special And Loved

Make your man feel special

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Love is indeed a beautiful feeling and it is a very important aspect of any relationship or marriage (“very important” is an understatement). The truth is that everyone desires to feel special and loved irrespective of their gender. Here I’m sharing my top tips for you to make your man feel special, loved and respected.

Although some people will never admit to it, they want to experience the feeling of being loved. If you truly want your relationship to stand strong and last long, then you should be willing to put in the effort in order to make your man feel special and loved.

You should realise that the way you crave to feel special and loved in your relationship, is the same way your man also craves to feel such emotions. These emotions are not gender-based!

Just as the saying goes, “It takes two to tango”, it takes efforts from both parties in the relationship to make it work out well. The best part of it all is that you don’t have to break your back or rob a bank to show your man how much he means to you.

By simply following the 10 tips below, you can learn the best ways to make your man feel special and loved.

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Make your man feel special


1. Be affectionate

Ladies, ladies, being affectionate is a perfect way to make your man feel like he’s your one and only. Not only does it make him feel loved, but it also builds a deeper level of intimacy between both of you and makes you more comfortable with each other.

Although new couples tend to be affectionate towards each other, along the line, life gets in the way and they forget about that part of their relationship. Being affectionate shouldn’t just be limited to when the relationship is new, it should be a continuous part of the relationship.

There are a million and one ways to show affection towards your man, you just need to learn the one that works for both of you.

Some suggested affectionate gestures are:

Giving him random kisses on the lips and neck, back rubs, foot rubs, caressing, cuddling, holding of hands, making and sustaining eye contact, stroking his arm, massages, and hugging. Also, try sending him random pictures and videos of yourself, sweet text messages out of the blue, leaving him love notes in random places where he is sure to find it, etc.

When you miss him, let him know that you do. If he was away on a trip, tell him how excited you are to see him again and be with him.

You should also desist from throwing his mistakes in his face or nagging him about them. Instead of that aggressive method, correct him with love and suggest ways that he can improve!

Even if you are trying to make him change a particularly bad habit that he has, don’t dictate to him what he should do. Rather, suggest options and solutions. Instead of controlling him, inspire him to do better.


2. Show him that you are proud of him

Showing your man that you are proud of him is an excellent way to make him feel special and loved.

Be proud to be with him and show him off.

Dress up and attend functions together. Introduce him to your family and friends and show him off to them. Do some public display of affection (if he doesn’t mind), constantly tell him how lucky you are to have him, smile at him, and laugh with him. Take his side in public arguments, show interest in his passion, his job or his career, and girl, respect him.

Don’t hesitate to celebrate his wins with him no matter how little they may seem. Get a cake or a bottle of wine to celebrate with him and say the words “I am proud of you”.

Be his number one cheerleader and cheer him on whenever he is trying to achieve something.


3. Compliment him regularly

Another way to make your man feel special is by regularly complimenting him. Contrary to popular belief, it is not only women who love being complimented—men absolutely love it too.

Tell him what you love about him, show him genuine adoration, and compliment his values, his decisions, and his passions. Compliment his physical look, say the words like, “You are very handsome,” That shirt looks awesome on you,” or “Your haircut is nice.” All these things are sure to bring a smile to his face and make him feel special.

Use endearing words for him, they will melt his heart.

We all have insecurities, so if there is something that your man is insecure about, give him a good compliment on it and help him to beat his insecurities. Tell him what an amazing partner he is and mean it.


4. Make him a priority

Making your partner a priority in your life is such an important way to make him feel loved.

Create enough time to spend alone with him. Take away any form of distraction when you are both together and give him your full concentration. Check up on him no matter how busy you may be, respond to his messages quickly, ask him how his day was and show genuine concern.

Communicate with each other effectively. Tell him about yourself and what is going on with you, and also ask about his life. Listening is a very important part of communication. Lend a listening ear to your man when he is talking about himself or what interests him.  

Let your body language communicate the right message too.

Also, don’t just stop at making him a priority, make your relationship a priority too. If you want to make a decision that would affect either of you or your relationship, discuss it with him first and come to a conclusion together.

Listen to his opinions on matters that concern you and take it into consideration before making a decision. This shows him that his opinion matters which also means that he matters to you.


5. Surprise him

It doesn’t have to be something grand or extraordinary, but you should learn to surprise your man sometimes. Do something that he would love and would bring a smile to his face.

Keep his favorite drink in the fridge, cook his favorite meal and uniquely serve him. Or get him a gift within your budget that he wouldn’t normally buy but you know he would love. Ladies, don’t be afraid to go the extra mile; plan a trip or vacation, do his chores for him before he gets back from work, etc.

It is not the amount on the price tag or the fact that you got him a grand gift that matters. What truly matters is the gesture and the thought you put into doing what you did for him.


6. Show appreciation

Regardless of how little the act is, never cease to say thank you and appreciate your man for his efforts. Everyone loves being appreciated and it even propels them to do better next time. Don’t take anything he does for you for granted, even if he has to do it, appreciate him for it. Don’t nag him if he fails or forgets to do a task.

Buy him a gift to show your appreciation, put your appreciation into your words and actions. This will easily gladden his heart and make him feel special.


7. Let him know that you trust him

Give your man the benefit of doubt and let him know that you trust him. Don’t go around monitoring him or snooping in his personal belongings hoping to find evidence of some sort. Instead, if you are having doubts about anything, confront him and both of you should talk about the issue like adults.

It’s okay to get jealous sometimes because it shows that you love him and you are trying to protect him from other girls, but don’t overdo it. 

Also, don’t hesitate to trust him with your problems. Allow yourself to be vulnerable in front of him sometimes. Men love to be in charge and feel like the head in any situation. Knowing that you want his help would even boost his ego.


8. Forgive him

Every human is prone to making mistakes because no one is perfect. This is why you must be willing to forgive your man’s mistakes and not hold them against him or constantly nag him about them.

If you don’t forgive him, especially when he is sorry for what he did, you will only be robbing yourself of your peace of mind. And it might gradually break up your relationship because you are both likely to grow apart from not speaking regularly.

Let go of your pride and anger and resolve to forgive him in order to embrace peace in the relationship.


9. Respect his opinion

Although most couples share the same point of view on most subject matters, there will always be some little differences in your line of thought and interests. In this case, you must respect his opinion and your differences.  

Try to be open-minded in your conversations and see things from his perspective. Don’t try to impose your own opinions or views on him or change how he thinks. This would only upset him. Learn to have conversations even on issues regarding your differences without having to argue or disagree.

By learning to respect his opinions even on subject matters that you don’t share the same views on, you will definitely succeed in your bid to make your man feel special and loved.  


10. Support him

There is nothing a man appreciates more than knowing that his woman supports him and has his back. Men love to be with women who share their vision and will encourage them to do better in everything they set out to do (hence, most men love their moms so much).

You should constantly support him and motivate him to do better today than he did yesterday.

Naturally, men tend to keep their problems to themselves and not discuss them with anyone, unlike the female species that can easily make their feelings known. But if he knows that you would always support him, he will be more comfortable with opening up to you.

Be a shoulder he can lean and cry on. Offer your advice, help, or a solution in whatever way you can if he is facing any problems. Don’t give up on him when the going gets tough or just leave him all by himself, because that is the time he needs you the most

By supporting him, you will make your man feel so special and loved. He would know that he can always count on you and both of you will grow a stronger bond.


Final thoughts

Finally, you must learn to love yourself first before you can make anyone feel special or loved by your actions or words. This is because you can’t give what you don’t have.

Making your man feel special and loved is not as simple as it seems. It is a continuous process that you must be willing to take up if you love him.  Be ready to exercise patience with him and not give up on him so easily. You need to constantly show him that you trust and have faith in him. Be faithful to him too.

According to Robert A. Heinlein, “Love is the condition in which the happiness of the other person is essential to your own”. If you truly love your man, then you need to be willing to show him how much you do.

While trying to make your man feel special, be sure not to overdo it, to the extent where he begins to feel overwhelmed (or suspect that you’re only doing it to get something from him, LOL). Give him his personal space when the need for it arises and don’t overcrowd him.

It is not too difficult to make your man feel these emotions. I mean, it’s not rocket science. But it does require a lot of effort and commitment on your part. But remember, a relationship should never be one-sided. In all your effort-making, be sure to check if it’s being reciprocated in one way or the other.

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Make your man feel special

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