18 Signs He Likes You More Than Just A Friend

Signs he likes you

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You are probably familiar with that feeling when you are not so sure if he really likes you or not. As a lady, you are likely to be wary of making any move when you don’t see any of the signs he likes you. Perhaps because you don’t want to appear so cheap, or maybe for the fear of rejection.

The truth is, it can be a bit tasking to truly ascertain if a guy is really interested in you. You can’t just say he’s into you because of minor eye contact or simply because he was kind to you. Well, as you might have thought, those incidents could be products of coincidence.

Signs he likes you

However, there are signs to look out for if you are still confused about the whole thing. The good news is, no matter how hard he tries to cover it up, he will still leave some signs behind if he truly likes you. It’s actually unintentional, but once a man is in love, he will start behaving in certain ways that are out of the ordinary.

Now, are you on a quest to find out what to look out for? Here are some crystal clear signs he likes you more than just a friend! Oh, and also, if a lot of your communication is over text, also check out this post about 15 signs on how to tell if a guy likes you over text.


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1. He Keeps Trying To Find Out More About You 

This is one thing most men do when they find a woman interesting. They won’t stop asking questions about her.

As a female, it’s pretty normal to log into one of your social media handles and see a lot of direct messages in your inbox. Most of them are probably guys who are trying to “know more about you”. That’s probably because you’ve got a lot of admirers. It is one of the first steps men take when they like a woman. So, consider it a sign.

Have you ever thought about it? Why should a man slide into your DM to find out more about you if not because he’s interested in you? No man will do such a thing if he doesn’t like you.

Therefore, once you see him asking you a lot of questions about yourself and paying close attention to your questions too, that’s an obvious sign he likes you… Maybe more than you ever imagined.


2. He Smiles A Lot 

Check out also if he smiles a lot whenever he’s with you. When he feels great around you, he’ll definitely be all smiles. He can’t hide it. A man can only be happy around you when he likes you or when he’s crushing on you. If he dislikes you, he won’t find anything you say funny enough to make him laugh. 

You might also notice that some of the smiles he put up are not necessary; that’s because he’s trying to be impressive. He’s also making efforts to get you comfortable around him. He’s trying to create a positive vibe. And the only way he could possibly express the fact that both of you are getting along is to smile or laugh.

Psst, this is also one of the signs he is falling in love with you!


3. He Emulates You 

This happens naturally if he’s into you; he will mirror your every step. It shows just how much he adores and admires you. It is also an indicator of respect.

Fun fact; a man can only imitate what he likes.

Now check out for these signs:

  • Does he smile when you smile?
  • Does he speak at a similar pace?
  • Does he emulate your choice of words or slang? 
  • Find out if he leans forward when with you 
  • Or if he glances at his watch just when you do

These might seem minor, but a man will only imitate you this way when he finds you interesting. These minor exhibits are significant signs he likes you.


4. He Gets Jealous When You Mention Other Guys 

Think about it; who wouldn’t get jealous when their crush is busy talking about other people? It’s obviously normal for a guy who is into you to feel a prick of jealousy when you mention other guys. Now, the fact that jealousy can hardly be controlled makes it easier to figure out. Once he seemingly acts uncomfortable when you narrate a story involving you and other guys, then he’s jealous.

When he prefers to change the topic when you talk about how you like a particular guy, that’s jealousy.

When he sees you talking to another guy and starts giving you a cold shoulder, yeah, you guessed right; he’s jealous.

Watch out for those simple traces of jealousy, once they’re there, then he likes you.


Signs he likes you
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5. He Requests For Your Number 

Mind you, some guys are smart enough to make it seem like they’re only asking for your number for another particular reason… But deep down, the reason he wants to have your number is because he really likes you. 

He might tag it business; he may claim he wants to call you when he’s ready to negotiate, or he may claim he needs your number so he can invite you to a seminar. While those excuses might be real, chances are that he only wanted your number because he’s into you.

However, remember, some guys request phone numbers from random girls just for fun. Some might call only when it suits them, others won’t just call at all. You shouldn’t consider that type as a guy who genuinely likes you. In fact, on the contrary, that is a sign he’s a player.


6. He Tries To Ignore You 

You might be thinking; “If he tries to ignore me, then he’s probably not into me”. But that’s not true. The fact that he is TRYING to ignore you means he is actually paying attention. He is only trying not to make it obvious but it’s difficult for him, that’s why you noticed his actions.

If a guy doesn’t like you, he won’t try to, rather, he will simply ignore you. As a matter of fact, he may not even notice you at all. Just so you know, many guys do try to play hard-to-get. They will act like they didn’t notice you, so that you may notice them. I guess it sounds crazy, right? But it’s true!

That being said, the hard-to-get mantra is not for women alone… Men indulge in that too.

Therefore, it’s a sign he likes you if you often find him trying to play busy or acting like he’s not interested.


7. He Gets Nervous Around You 

Now, you’ll be familiar with this. Just the same way you feel kind of nervous when you are around that guy you have a crush on, many guys feel so too. 

Yes, he may try so hard to hide his nervousness. Guys typically want to appear confident, hence, they do all they can to conceal the panic-mode they enter when they’re around any girl they like. He may talk a bit faster or slightly stutter. That’s an obvious sign he’s nervous. To act up, he may start cracking weird jokes. That’s another indicator that he’s trying to be bold.

A guy typically has nothing to panic about when he’s around someone he doesn’t really like. Therefore, if you notice he’s nervous or that he’s trying so hard not to appear so, then it’s one of the major signs he likes you more than a friend.


8. He Asks If You Are In A Relationship 

When he asks whether you are currently dating, what other direct sign do you need to know that he’s interested in you?

He may twist the question in the form of a statement like; “Attending that party will be suicidal, I could get killed by your boyfriend”. 

By saying that, he expects you to rebuff the statement if you are really single. If you don’t, he might assume you are dating already. That might be rash, but many men are like that.


9. He Often Wants To Touch You 

I know what you’re thinking, but maybe you don’t know this; one good way humans express themselves towards what they find attractive is by touching it.

If you’re familiar with that feeling when you see a cute, woolly-haired puppy, you always want to touch it, right? That’s exactly how a guy feels when he’s attracted to you. Not just because he finds you sexy, but because he likes you.

Hence, it’s a sign of genuine attraction if he deliberately brushes your arm or touches the small of your back, perhaps to guide you through a narrow walkway.


10. He Remembers Those Little Things You Probably Forgot 

Yeah, this particular one is vital. If you observe that he remembers those things you even forgot telling him, then chances are he’s into you. It’s a sign he takes you seriously.

For instance, If he still remembers your birthday even when you only told him once, it shows he’s thinking about you.


11. He Tries To Show Up Where You Can See Him 

This might sound like a popular Hollywood scene, but it’s actually applicable in real-life scenarios. 

When you start bumping into each other at your favourite supermarket or restaurant, that might be because he already knew you’d be there, so he shows up so you may get to see him.


12. He Likes Teasing You

It’s very simple, if he is fond of teasing you, then it’s a sign he likes you. This is traditional with most men; when they like you, they will poke fun at you. The reason they do this is because they want to get your attention. 

Now, when a guy teases you, stop seeing it like he’s trying to provoke you because he’s not cool with you. It may in contrast be a suggestion that he is seeking your attention by any means because he likes you more than a friend.


Signs he likes you
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13. For Him, It’s All About You 

Another sign he’s into you is when his actions depict that he is focused only on you.

This might be during a conversation; if he tends to look steadily at you while paying close attention and listening to your every word. It’s definitely a sign he likes you because he can’t focus so much on someone he doesn’t really like.

Also, if he doesn’t seem to be interested in other girls just the way he’s interested in you, or he’s not seen so much around other girls, but more with you… then he really likes you. And probably, he wants to build a relationship with you.


14. He Always Wants To Share Moments With You

A guy that is interested in you will always find a reason to hang out with you. He won’t just let your meetings be by chance. He’ll make conscious efforts to plan dates with you or stuff like that.


15. He Never Fails To Compliment You 

If he finds certain things about you interesting (even the things you find awkward), then chances are he likes you more than a friend.

For instance, you might think you are too dark, but then he compliments you for being a black beauty. Or you may be thinking your hair isn’t that cool, but he loves your hair because to him, it’s beautiful.

Such simple compliments are signs he likes you a lot.


16. He Uses Every Single Opportunity To Show You Off 

One way men exhibit genuine likeness towards a woman is by showing her off to friends.

Come to think of it, If he’s not into you, then what’s the need to introduce you to his friends or family? He would rather not do that.

When he shows you off, he’s simply impressed by you and he’s happy to have you in his life. 


17. He Involves You In His Future 

Does he always involve you whenever he talks about his future plans? Do you play any role in those plans?

Has he ever said things like; “Three years from now, when I must have completed my mansion, you won’t have to stay in this small house, you’ll move with me to the bigger house”? Then there is a high tendency he values you a lot.


18. He Also Inquires About Your Future Plans

If he really likes you, he won’t just stop at involving you in his future,  he will also try to find out what your future plans are. Moreover, he will definitely want to know if he will be featured in your future just like you’ll probably be featured in his.


Final thoughts

At this point, you must have realized the real deal concerning many misconceptions you had about men prior to now.

If you used to think no one can tell when a guy really likes someone, well, I’m pretty sure that’s no longer the case.

The signs are always there.

And if you think he’s maybe not that into you but you really like him, then check out this post on ways to make him fall in love with you.

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Signs he likes you
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