How To Organize Your Life For Success And Happiness

How to organize your life

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Who doesn’t want to organize their entire life? I sure do! It definitely helps to get rid of a lot of stress and clutter (mentally and physically) if your life is organized. Today I’ll be sharing some ideas on how to organize your life for success and happiness.

The world is increasingly harboring people who are really stressed. Be it mental stress, physical stress, or whatever. But the fact is that many are stressed out and are really uncomfortable.

Sadly, this stress is not necessarily due to enormous workload or anything similar. I can support this claim by reminding you of the fact that many are unemployed. 

But whether employed, unemployed, married, single, dating, or engaged, the good news is that you can still taste the goodness of life. You can still be successful and happy; all you need is to learn how to organize your life for success and happiness.

Don’t stress it. Just relax and gradually digest the tips that will follow in this post. You will find out the most practical ways you can organize your life and become less stressed, more relaxed, more successful, and simply happier!


1. Be A Planner 

Well, hello? This is obviously the most fundamental thing and hence, it’s coming first on the list. You must be a planner if you must succeed. It’s as simple as that. 

Start by creating a to-do list. Map out all the things you intend to do for the day and how you want to go about it. Plan your day, your week and your month.


2. Have A Wake-up Time

Starting your day on time will give you more time to engage and finish your daily activities. 

Also, there won’t be a fuss over your timing and you won’t be under any form of duress.

In order to ensure that you wake up on time, you can set alarms. Although this might be stressful at first, you’ll get used to it with time.


3. Create A Wake-up routine 

Introduce a particular (uplifting) activity that you are to do first at the beginning of each day. It’ll get you going. 

Some people prefer to say a little prayer first before any other activity. Others prefer a little exercise. Yours could be something else, but there should be something! Create a morning routine that works for you.


4. Maximize Your Time Usage 

If you want to be successful, you must make the most out of your time.


5. Declutter Whenever You Can

Cleanliness, they say, is next to Godliness. But let’s not stop there. Also, nothing brings you peace of mind like a clean, tidy, and serene environment.


6. Select One Day For Laundry 

I’m sure you’ll agree with me that the clothes you wear are actually more important than we think. So, dedicating a particular day for washing these clothes will not be a bad idea.


7. Prepare Your Meals Ahead

Food is essential for life, no doubt. And for the fact you must eat every day, you don’t want to spend all your time cooking.

Select a day for shopping for your groceries and cooking. This will make your life more organized.

Of course, make different dishes, and it should be enough to carry you through the week.


8. Create Your Goal

What is life without a goal? Meaningless.

In order to give your life a direction, you need a goal. Organize your life today by setting a goal.


9. Learn How To Budget

Arguably, there is no better way to know how to organize your life than to learn how to budget. 

When you manage your income and budget it accordingly, you’ll certainly achieve your life goals.


10. Get Yourself A Jotter or Notepad 

Jotting down most events and episodes will keep your ideas and memories intact. You need to cultivate the habit.


11. Make Effective Use Of Calendars 

This is another way of being organized. Use your calendar to your own advantage by creating reminders with it… for your day-by-day tasks.


12. Create Time For Leisure 

After a great deal of work for nothing less than 8hrs every day, you need to set out time for yourself. 

Your body really needs leisure and rest! This will solve the problem of accumulated stress due to too much labor. 


13. Have A Place For Each Item

This is very simple.

Show me an organized person and I’ll show you a person who does not litter things around.


14. Create A Scale Of Preference 

This is simply because some things are more important than others.


15. Simplify things 

In order to make life easier and less stressful for you, learn to make things simple.


16. Do Away With Items You No Longer Use

Be it furniture, clothes, or edibles; if you don’t use it anymore then you don’t need to keep it around. You need the space!


17. Also, Manage Your Waste…



18. Duplicate Your Hard Copy Documents 

In order to be organized, you need a second copy for each of your paper documents. 

You don’t want to face the frustration of losing an original certificate without having another copy.


19. Back-Up Your Soft Copies Too

You should also digitalize(scan) your hard copies and back them up either as an email or using a hard drive. 

Don’t forget your Microsoft Word and PDF files, they need backups too.


20. Do Some Digital Organization 

For the fact that we live in a digital world, your organization should go digital too.

Those files, folders, and documents on your computer should have a taste of organization as well.


How To Organize Your Life For Success And Happiness
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21. Organize Your Emails Too 

Create folders for important emails and delete unimportant ones. Go through your inbox and sort out all of those unread messages.


22. Keep Your Phone In Order 

This is simple but it really matters. 

An unarranged phone can get you frustrated at that moment you need a photo, video, a text, or a phone contact but can’t find it. 

Therefore, create folders, name them properly, and allow your phone to feel some level of organization!


23. Organize Your Social Media 

Follow those who inspire you and unfollow those who don’t…


24. Organize The Books You Read

There are lots of books out there, go grab one.


25. Make your Priorities A Priority

Each time you are faced with tricky options, ask yourself what matters most…

Figure it out and embrace it unapologetically.


26. Create Time to Exercise

You don’t need a gym instructor to tell you the importance of exercise. 

Do you care for your body? Then create time for exercise.


27. Delegate Those Functions 

For you to effectively organize yourself, you must trust one or two persons close to you with some of your tasks.

Remember, no one can do it all alone!


28. Acquire Fewer Belongings 

The fewer belongings you have, the more you have the ability to effectively organize them. 


29. Revisit The Expiry Dates…

of your stored foods. Know when to discard them and restock.

  • Firstly, they are not good for your health 
  • Secondly, they consume space in your fridge.
  • Also, they really taste bad.


30. Keep Your Passwords Safely 

It’s important to keep your passwords safe for privacy, but that’s not all…

Apparently, in this digital media age, you have a lot of passwords and you might find it difficult memorizing them all.

Therefore, the best you can do in order to be better organized is to have a safe place where you keep, save, or write down those passwords. 

It may be on your phone, computer, or in a book… Anywhere you choose, let it be safe.


31. Unsubscribe From Emails You Don’t Read

You might find yourself receiving lots of emails lately that you barely read them all…

It’s high time you unsubscribed from those unimportant emails that bug you.


32. Monitor Your Cycle…

Always monitor and take note of your menstrual cycle. Lol men, this is clearly not for you.

This is simply because your organization also entails your ability to know when and how your menstruation comes.


33. Make Your Bed

This might sound so simple, but making your bed is an important way to start an organized day.


34. Keep Your Work Environment Serene

You won’t be comfortable enough to carry out your duties if your work environment is not relatively peaceful and calm. Would you?


35. Create An Evening Routine

Evening routines are just as important as morning routines!

They keep your mind in the right mood for sleep. And as a result, you will wake up stronger and energized… Then that’s when you can even embark on your morning activities.

In other words, “morning routines vs evening routines” are just like a cycle of important routines!


36. Know When To Say…



37. And When To Say…


This gives your life organization and balance.


38. Plan Your Trips

Before embarking on those trips, plan ahead.

Make sure everything is in order.

For instance, booking your flights earlier will not only reduce the cost but will also give you enough time to get everything set.

Also, making reservations at the hotel you’ll pass the night on arrival should be done earlier. Moreover, plan for the places you intend to visit when you arrive. And importantly, note when and why you’ll be visiting such places.


39. Appreciate Your Success

During the course of the day, always acknowledge your progress, and show gratitude.

Not only is this a positive lifestyle to embrace, but it is also uplifting!


40. Regularly Clean Up Those Small Items Like…

…Your hairbrush, combs, handbags,  etc. 

You’ll definitely be happier whenever you pick up your belongings in a neat condition.


41. Have a To-Do List

This will help to make you better organized and procedural. 

You’ll know what to do and when to do it. Moreover, nothing will be left out.


42. Keep Tomorrow’s Outfit Ready

You’re probably familiar with this one. Yes, it’s also a good way to get organized.

In order to avoid this popular saying; “I can’t make it because I have nothing to wear”, better get ready the clothes you intend wearing a day before the D-Day.


43. Create Time To Meditate

This will give you the opportunity to examine your life. 

When you meditate, you’ll also know how best to plan and organize your life in order to achieve your goals.

A life of no meditation is simply an unexamined life. And according to a great philosopher, “An unexamined life is not worth living”.


44. Take It One Step At A Time 

Multitasking might be a skill to some persons, but the truth is that to others, it can get them disorganized. 

As long as you have a realistic to-do list, following your activities one step at a time, for sure, will give you the concentration and focus you need to complete each and every task eventually.


45. Have A Day For Home Clean-up 

Inasmuch as you often declutter, probably daily, you need to set out a day to do a comprehensive cleaning of the house.

You can set out weekends to do this. It’s very important. 

Cleaning your home will give your domestic environment the freshness that can only be compared to life itself.


46. Create A New, Positive Habit

For your life to be more organized, you must create some new habits at some point; but let those habits be positive.

For example, if you used to sleep late at night, you can create the habit of sleeping early so as to wake up and start your day early too.


47. Don’t Hesitate To Ask Questions 

Whenever you deem it necessary, don’t be hesitant to ask questions. 

An African adage has it that “he who asks questions will always reach his destination”.

To be better organized to reach your goal, endeavor to ask questions that will get you on the right track.


48. Put Your Pantry In Order 

Nothing is as cute as having your pantry organized with labeled containers… Very lovely.


49. Clean And Arrange Your Refrigerator 

I’m sure you enjoy seeing adverts where refrigerators are well arranged and everything is kept in their respective racks? Well, you can emulate that.

Plus don’t forget to clean your fridge from time to time… You don’t want things to get messy.


50. Be In Charge Of Your Life To Be Happy And Successful 

In order to do this;

  • First, accept who you are and appreciate yourself for being you. 
  • Don’t compare yourself to others. Rather, let their success inspire you.
  • Then work on your weaknesses, improve, and become the better version of yourself.
  • Finally, maximize your strength for greater outputs.


By living in this manner, you won’t just be successful, but you’ll be happy as well.

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Remember; when you are happy, you will definitely be successful. And for the fact that you want to be happy, you’ll crave for success. But there is no easier way to succeed than living an organized life.

Get your life organized today!

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How To Organize Your Life For Success And Happiness

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