How To Become Mentally Stronger And Take Charge Of Your Life

Become Mentally Stronger

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In a world that is full of adversities, the least anybody can do is grow a thick skin in order to absorb the constant shocks. Today I want to share some tips with you on how to become mentally stronger. This will allow you to accept setbacks without letting them demotivate you, so you can fully take charge of your life.

We live in a world where technology and digitization determine a lot in our lives. We live in a global village where social media seems to be the safest place where we can express ourselves, yet, it exposes our thoughts, emotions, actions, behaviors, mindset, and virtually everything concerning us.

So basically, both friends and strangers get to know us inside-out. This extreme exposure makes most of us vulnerable and hence, people can leverage what they know about us to hunt us down emotionally.

Let’s be frank, not everyone out there is your friend. Some are just hell-bent on bringing you down –for no good reason. Others are eager to attack your self-esteem and self-value, they criticize every step you take, all in a bid to make you feel less human. 

However, there are some others who mean no harm, but they just won’t agree with your ideas or  opinions. That’s why we need to become mentally stronger to take charge of our lives.  Without building our mental strength, we’re quite vulnerable to different physical and emotional challenges. 


Become Mentally Stronger

While some of us can cope with these challenges, there are others who really can’t. After all, we all have different levels of mental capacities which are definitely not equal. 

Nonetheless, if you’ve been looking for ideas on how to become mentally stronger, then you’ll gain a lot from this article.

In business, there are times you need to be mentally precise in order to make life-changing decisions quickly. And in management or administration, there are occasions you really need to be emotionally strong in order to manage delicate pieces of information.

In life generally, you need to be mentally vivacious in order to make good decisions despite the circumstances.

However, mental strength doesn’t just come out of nowhere… you have to make a conscious effort towards developing it! With that said, here are some tips that will help you build your mental capacity so you can navigate through life with a lot more ease.


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1. Focus On The Moment

Certain challenges we face in life are a test of our willingness to either embrace change or shy away from it. You shouldn’t ignore those circumstances – you must not procrastinate in providing solutions to those problems!

Act on those predicaments now because the challenge is right here and the hardship is taking place this very moment. Hence, you have to focus your mental energy on the present moment. It is only when you concentrate on the present that you will realize the major problems you have presently, and as a result, you’ll be better able to solve what you’re aware of.


2. Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself 

If you must learn to become mentally stronger, then one thing you must avoid is feeling sorry for yourself. The more you pity yourself, the more you give yourself excuses to continue shying away from your problems.

There are lots of people who faced greater challenges than you’re facing, but today, they are successful – because they never allowed those circumstances to become an excuse for failure.

Take for instance Stephen Hawking, who was diagnosed with ALS at just 21. Although he was only able to speak with the aid of a computer, his disability was never an excuse to give up his ambition to study the universe – especially the framework of universal relativity, and quantum mechanics.

If Hawking felt sorry for himself, he wouldn’t have attained the height he reached! He would have probably ended up in the streets begging for alms… After all, he was just 21.

Having said that, it’s high time you stopped pitying yourself for whatever crisis you’re facing. 

Those situations are not meant to define you, they’re not meant to weigh you down. Rather, they are there to give you reasons to push harder and excel!


Become Mentally Stronger
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3. Never Give Away The Power Or Influence You Wield

As a human being, you have an element of influence. It could be relatively small, but hold on to it strongly and don’t give it up. That authority you have as an individual will enable you to make your own decisions without being influenced by others. 

However, when you give away that “personal” authority, that’s when random people start influencing you against your wish. And that is exactly what it means to be mentally weak. For you to truly become mentally stronger, you have to be in perfect control of the power you have over yourself and your decisions.


4. Don’t Expect The Results To Come So Quick – Be Patient

Expectations cause more havoc to our minds than you can ever imagine. This is because many times, these expectations are not met, and consequently, we feel devastated.

Remember, it took the Israelites over 46 years to build the synagogue in Jerusalem. Also bear in mind that Rome was not built in just one day – it took several centuries! 

But I’m sure you’re tired of hearing about Rome and how long it took to build it. So, simply put, don’t expect the results you crave to come so quickly. Extensive hard work must come first. And on many occasions, you will fail, but don’t give up – keep pressing. 

Sometimes it takes over 100 falls for a child to finally take his first step. Learn to keep rising to your feet each time you fall. As a matter of fact, the degree of patience you exercise during adversities is the true measure of your mental strength.

Most successful people you know today absolutely understand what it means to fail severally. They only made it to the positions they are in today because they waited patiently (for the results) and never gave up. 


5. Bear In Mind That Nobody Owes You Anything 

Another way to become mentally stronger is by understanding that nobody out there owes you anything! (Should I be louder for those at the back?)

If you always expect people to recognize your good deeds and give you some accolades, then you will often get heartbroken because the recognition you seek is not your entitlement. Nobody owes you that. 

It’s high time you stop expecting people’s recognition and keep doing what you do.  

Don’t misconstrue the point I’m trying to make here though. Sure, we all want to be recognized for our efforts, but for your stronger mental strength, you have to understand that some people will never value whatever you offer. 

It’s normal to have such people around you. And you should see that as a basic indication that the universe truly owes you nothing. You are all you have. You alone owe yourself your happiness. So, keep doing the good that makes you happy and forget about how people appreciate your kindness.


6. Exercise Your Mind By Challenging Yourself

Just like your body requires exercise to be stronger, so also you need to exercise your mind to become mentally stronger. One great way you can truly stretch your mind is by taking up massive challenges.

Albert Einstein once said that one should never pursue objectives that are easily achieved, and that one should only go for the goal that will require them to give their ultimate best for them to achieve it. 

Now, that is exactly what it means to challenge yourself massively. When you exercise your mind by setting bigger goals, you will definitely find it easier to handle certain unforeseen circumstances that may come your way. 


7. Don’t Give In To Fear

Mental strength is also about your ability to deal with fear. Do not allow yourself to be defeated by anxiety. When faced with a frightening situation, you don’t have to panic. Instead, see it as an opportunity to overcome that fear and grow from it.

If you can overcome a particular terrifying situation today, you will definitely be stronger whenever you come across something similar in the future.


8. Always Be prepared For The Storm

Obviously, bad situations are inevitable. They make a significant part of our experiences in life. Therefore, always be prepared for the storm before it catches you unaware.

To become mentally stronger, you must reconfigure your mindset to be willing to embrace difficulty whenever it comes. Take for example, in school, when you read ahead of time, you always perform better during impromptu tests, right? 

Now, you can replicate that in real-life scenarios by bracing up for adversities.


Bonus Ideas That Will Help You Become Mentally Stronger:

  • Don’t shy away from change, embrace it because it’s the fastest route to success.
  • You can’t possibly please everyone. Just keep doing the right thing.
  • Don’t overthink the past or worry too much about the future.
  • To regret should never be an option!
  • Practice gratitude.
  • Be mindful. 
  • Practice Self-talk.
  • Finally, never say never.

Building your mental strength is not as easy as it sounds. It’s one thing to read about it, but another thing entirely to practice it.  However, once you get intentional about taking charge of your life, you’ll definitely be motivated to become mentally stronger.

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Become Mentally Stronger
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